Practical Thinking Group

In 2006, Practical Thinking Group was founded to globally offer quality services aligned with our values. Our aspiration was to connect well-known and trusted international professionals to create meaningful relationships with our clients while reducing the financial and energy burden of starting a global consultancy firm.

Therefore, at Practical Thinking Group we use an innovative and differentiated model where, instead of employees, we are a group of Thinkers. Every Thinker is an internationally recognized professional specialized in strategic skills, technical skills in organizational project management or interpersonal skills.

Additionally, we have a group of Thinkers (Business Developers) located in different regions or countries who are responsible for everyday customer relationship.

Among our group of professionals we share a common goal, ensuring that any solution offered to our clients contains theoretical elements (based on international standards and performance metrics) and practical elements that produce results and a sustainable change in the human factor of the organization.

Mission and Commitment

Our business is improving interpersonal relationships so that public and private organizations produce strategic results and, as such, transform the world.

We believe that collaboration is the vital power for our solutions to be effective and produce tangible results. We are committed that our customers:

  • Gain from our EXTENDED EXPERTS NETWORK in the implementation of best practices both locally and internationally, working with virtual and multicultural teams
  • Receive INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS that, by incorporating strategic, technical and interpersonal skills, produce a clear roadmap serving all stakeholders
  • Benefit from our PRACTICAL APPROACH through short-term solutions, quick results, an action plan and focus on people
  • Achieve SUSTAINABLE CHANGE by helping them to develop internal capacities and motivate people to think differently, which establishes changes that truly last.

Practical Thinking Experience (PTx)

PTx is our methodology used to understand the current situation of your organization by connecting its strategic, technical and interpersonal aspects so that we can offer a customized solution that combines consultancy, training/workshops, mentoring and/or conferences.

Our methodology focuses on obtaining an action plan and identifying Quick Hits. We aim to provide actions that
develop internal capacities and motivate people to think differently, establishing changes that truly last.

Our Thinkers

Ricardo Triana is a seasoned professional with more tan 20 years of experience and is well known international speaker and consultant specialized in Leadership, Conflict Management, Strategy and Organizational Project Management.

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Systems Engineer with a Master’s in Financial Management, 17 years of experience in Project Management, a specialist in design and implementation of business processes through work teams and skills development to obtain the best performance of the team.

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Master, International Centrum Catholic MBA (PER) – Maastricht School of Management (HOL). Member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Society (Centrum Catolica Chapter).

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Ivo Michalick is a PMP with about 30 years experience of which the last 15 have been focused on improving project management.

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Engineer in Oil and Natural Gas. Born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Graduated from the Private University of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

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Janneth Rojas is an expert in organizational change management and passionate about project management; She has more than 12 years of consulting experience in a wide range of industries in Latin America and the United States such as consumer products, financial services, telecommunications and energy.

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Karen Smits an international expert in Organizational Anthropology., supporting executives, teams and organizations in developing cross-cultural collaboration, organizational change and growth initiatives. She acts as a Global Thinker on Organizational Culture & Change Management at Practical Thinking Group.

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