PTx is Practical Thinking Group’s methodology composed of 4 standard phases: Preparation, Execution, Action Plan and Implementation, seeking to:

  • Understand the client's problem in an integral manner (which goes from strategy to execution)
  • Create a tailor-made solution that combines our six areas of expertise in strategic, technical and interpersonal skills
  • Combine different types of services (consulting, training / workshops, mentoring and conferences)
  • Offer a concrete action plan, focused on Quick Hits the client can start executing immediately
  • Ensure sustainability of the plan through actions during the implementation so that the client becomes independent of a consulting firm

Organizational Maturity

We evaluate the actual and future capacity of the organization to achieve excellence in Organizational Project Management (projects, programs and portfolios). Based on this evaluation, we design required improvement plans with tangible impacts in the short, medium and long-term that support organizational agility with efficiency and effectiveness.

Strategic Alignment

We support organizations to connect their strategy, execution and benefit achievement through project portfolio alignment, and we make sure this becomes a sustainable operating key competence.

Organizational Culture and Change Management

We facilitate processes of transformation and strengthening of organizational culture with practical tools to achieve a change in organizational behavior aligned with the values and strategy of the project or the company. We support strategic organization transformations requiring change adoption, commitment and optimized team integration to achieve tangible benefits.

Communication and conflict management

We provide tools and interpersonal skills at both individual and group level to improve communication and reduce unnecessary conflicts at different organizational levels – strategic, tactical and operational – using Relationship Awareness Theory and strategic leadership models as a basis.

PMO Design / Redesign

We define the new or existing services, processes, roles, indicators and ROI of the Project Management Office (PMO) to ensure they are effective, appropriate to organizational maturity and aligned with the organization’s expected benefits at a strategic, tactic and operational level to achieve maximum value.

Project Back-to-Track

We diagnose projects and programs in crisis (those that do not achieve their objectives or will not obtain the proposed benefits); identifying possible recovery solutions in technical and interpersonal aspects, creating realistic, concrete, action plans and an effective use of the lessons learned of this type of situation while we re-align the project to the organizational strategy.

Practical Thinking facilitated our learning process of a major change which we implemented in the region. They went out of their way to obtain a good understanding of the organization and our change process putting together a survey and stakeholder interviews within a very tight timeframe. They used this to design and deliver a dynamic and participative learning forum in which we developed good recommendations for the change process in the region and for the overall organization which were helpful as we continued forward.

Paul Bode
Regional Director Americas - ChildFund International

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